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VisserTek EAB

VisserTek EAB is a computer program that allows you to fill delivery forms in a clear and simple way, administer and send electronically. This applies both to supply letters to the flower auctions FloraHolland, Aalsmeer, Rhein-Maas and Plantion as direct deliveries. From December 2021 onwards, free VisserTek EAB 15 updates will enable the preparation of Floriday Direct Trade delivery messages and notes from Floriday and FloraMondo/FloraXchange orders.

VisserTek EAB 15 is the most cost effective solution EAB. You only pay for the initial purchase and NO yearly maintenance costs. Look at the prices and compare with other providers! You will see that VisserTek EAB has the lowest annual costs while the program meets the highest technical requirements and is very user friendly:

◾Constistente entry screens for all delivery forms auctions (No illogical and confusing input through copy paper delivery which always changing)
◾Import and export functions for coupling with ERP systems
◾Integral remote assistance
◾Full automatic update
◾Full automatic backup function

Free updates are provided on a regular basis. Major upgrades occur every 2 year with many new features. The updates for existing users are available at highly discounted prices. Internet support (see questions pages), e-mail and if necessary phone is free. The Remote Assistance feature integrated into the program, you help direct additionally on your own PC from one of our specialists.

VisserTek EABis ready for:
◾de new EAB FLOWAV 2:12 standard
◾Floriday Trade items Catalog, Direct Orders, Delivery fulfillment and more.
◾printen on A4 paper in both VBA and Auction FloraHolland.
◾Beeldveilen with complete and user-friendly image auction module.
◾e-Trade: receive order notifications and direct processing in EAW / delivery forms

You can send VisserTek EAB by Internet or Florinet EAB messages, but of course still print delivery forms. VisserTek EAB gets the Electronic Daily statement (EDA or Party Accountability) via the Internet at the auction, so you instantly have a clear overview of the selling. VisserTek EAB is applicable to all cut flowers and plants. You can expand the database and customize for your own products and the associated VBN codes. VisserTek EAB includes a comprehensive sales analysis. The sales analysis you get comprehensive analysis of your buyers and prices.

What can I do with the package?
◾Ontvangen and processing EAB response messages and EDA electronic bank statements all auctions
◾Printen auction delivery forms
◾Printen container labels (soon, demand VBA)
◾Beheren delivery forms and delivery notes in separate lists for later reference
◾Archiveren / restore old-delivery lists
◾Database create and restore backups
◾Automatische backup function
◾Import and export with ERP systems (AntEater compatible protocol)
◾Afleveringsanalyse: Graphs showing price changes in time, numbers in time, buyers top-ten, compared with an average auction price history, buyer list, shopping list
◾Partijentabel overview and printout
◾Exporteren tables to text or Excel format
◾Exporteren preview of invoices, delivery notes to PDF, DOC (MS Word), Excel, Text, HTML.
◾Leveringsnota’s direct delivery (outside auction), invoices, bills composite
◾E-mail delivery notes and invoices in PDF, DOC (MS Word), Excel, Text, HTML formats.
◾Snelcodes: make a quick copy of your most commonly used content of the letters in the “Code List” and fill quickly your in-delivery by dialing code.

VisserTek implements the wishes of the users. If you have a good idea for our program do not hesitate to call us.

VisserTek EAB is competitively priced and includes, as you are accustomed VisserTek software products, an extensive online help feature.

System requirements:

Minimum: Windows 2000 or higher (including 64 bit versions), Pentium 166 MHz or higher processor 512 MB memory, 40 MB free hard disk space 256-color SVGA with 800×600 resolution
Recommended: Windows XP or higher (. All Vista versions including Vista 64 bit) Pentium 500 MHz or faster processor 2048 MB internal memory 80 MB free hard disk space XGA 1025×768 resolution with 65,536 colors or more

Furthermore required for sending EABs: Connecting to the Internet or subscribing to Florinet.

For VisserTek EAB pay no annual fee for maintenance or subscription fees! Upgrades of the same major version (14.0, 15.0, etc.) you get free.

Download a free demo version of VisserTek EABfrom the download page.

Prices: see the pricing page.

VisserTek E Network

There is also a VisserTek EAB NETWORK version. You can edit from multiple PCs (simultaneously) over a computer network your delivery note / issue-centric database and execute your delivery form, EAB and delivery analysis tasks. De network/server access function becomes active via the registration code if you have chosen the network version in het Order form. The nextwork function requires the free/open sourse FireBird version 2.5 (32 bits) database system to be installed on a PC or server in the same network (LAN) of where the VisserTek EAB client is installed. For installation and configuration, read the instruction in NETinstallatie11.PDF (in dutch).