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BroeiCalc Pro

BroeiCalc/ForceCalc Pro is a program for the automated management of information in the forcing of flower bulb flowers in greenhouses. With ForceCalc Pro can perform these tasks quickly and efficiently:
◾Bepalen forcing schedule data from a Cultivar (based on period data of the LBO and the DLV); this is the function of the standard ForceCalc module.
◾Opstellen forcing schedules; Cultivar with the available data and the Auto Schedule option creates a rapidly forcing schedule associated with graphical and tabular presentation (see example).
◾Registreren Output Data; you can store the data of delivered flowers here (insert Supply Notes auctions, print and save, etc.). Integral module EAB for electronically sending the delivery form (see VisserTek EAW)
◾Analyseren yield data: with versatile graphic bar charts you can see immediately where (on which bets and cultivars) you earn and lose!

In ForceCalc Pro you have the option to Export Tables to other formats (spreadsheet programs)!

System requirements:

Minimum: Windows 7 or higher (including 64 bit versions), 2 GB MB internal memory 20 GB free hard disk space 256 colors 1024×768 resolution
Recommended: Windows Vista or later (all versions including Vista, Vista 64 bit.) 4 GB MB internal memory 40 GB free hard disk space resolution 1200×1000 with 65536 colors or more

The high user-friendliness and extensive online help you in a very short time with ForceCalc Pro work.

ForceCalc Pro includes VisserTek EAB module.

Download a free demo version of the ForceCalc Pro download page.

Prices: see the pricing page.

ForceCalc Pro Network

For ForceCalc Pro there is also a version NETWORK. You can from multiple PCs on a network PC your schedules, cultivar data delivery letters / editing issue-centric database and execute your delivery form, EAB and delivery analysis tasks. The MULTI-USER mode, you can simultaneously work with multiple PCs!

If you already have a network license, you can download upgrades from the download page.

For the Multi-User Network versions of Pro ForceCalc contact VisserTek.

Read on installing the network version carefully the instructions in the NETinstallatie.txt file.